So, here it is a week and three days after being told my children’s book was live for purchase. A week and three days. It doesn’t even begin to feel like that time has passed. In my mind, I’m still standing in the parking garage and on my way to work as I read the email from the publishing company I’ve been working with. The journey, so far, has been surreal. I placed this journey into the hands of my creator from the very beginning and he is still guiding me.
My book is a children’s book. It’s not the book I originally intended to have for my first publication. Nope, I thought the first one would be an adult novel. A novel I have been writing for over ten years and still continue to do so. I had put writing away for awhile and decided, last year, to pick it up again. I had no idea a children’s book would be written when I made that decision.
My book is self-published with the help of a very good company. However, it is up to me to get my book out there to the world. It is up to me to get it into stores, churches, schools, libraries and such. I currently sell shoes for a living. I have a vague idea about what I need to do, but as this whole journey as come to be, marketing my work is quite new to me. I find myself a little afraid. What if I don’t market Duney enough or right? What if I just can’t get him out there? When thinking these thoughts, I eventually step back and remember that my creator has it and I’m willing to let him keep it. I believe I’m only in the beginning stages of a truly amazing journey to come. Won’t you come with me!

Follow me on twitter @KWendt1. Keep in touch with me here on my website. I welcome all comments. If you have purchased Duney, share your thoughts with me. Did I mention my son illustrated the book for me? He did an amazing job! If you would like to have me come and do a book signing, reading or speaking event. Contact me at the information provided. Let’s enjoy the journey together!