This past Saturday was the first official launch of Duney. If I’m to be honest, I have to admit to being extremely nervous in the hours just before it was to happen. I had no idea who would come or how smoothly things would go.

My mind is one that has to see the details kind of laid out in front of me. I have to visualize the map that gets me from point a to point b. Fortunately, I have two wonderful friends who set up the launch for me. They created the map in which the launch would travel. All I had to do was say a little speech and sign some books. I am extremely grateful to them because had I done it alone, it would have been chaos.

As I have said before, this journey I am on with Duney, is one that I did not myself create. I am merely following the direction of my Creator. He had just the right people there yesterday and just the right number. It was our first launch. It can only get better from here. I am grateful to those who came and supported Duney and me. I came away feeling much better than I had in the hours before and I am eager for the next step in what has already been an amazing journey. Be watching for an update very soon! Thank you all for your support.