It’s the last day of November. The time to sit with family and be thankful has come and gone. Tomorrow we enter into December and the countdown to Christmas begins. Where I live, the high for the day was in the seventies. If we have any kind of white during winter, it will probably come after Christmas in the form of ice. In our part of the country, we have the privilege of experiencing a white Christmas once every few decades. There have even been Christmases in which we have worn shorts. That’s just how it is. So, how do we enjoy the season and be full of the Christmas spirit when it’s a pleasant seventy something outside?

The answer is not in the shopping and haggling for the gifts to put under the tree. The answer isn’t maxing the credit card. The answer isn’t even in the gift you searched so hard for. The answer lies within your heart. The reason this celebration exists is because of the greatest gift given to all of us. We all received the same gift. It is a gift of love from our Creator. He gave us the thing he loved most so that we could learn how to properly love him. For some of us, it’s a hard time of year because of the passing of loved ones or memories that aren’t happy ones. When we are hurt, depressed, or lonely, it’s hard to remember why we have this season sometimes. It’s hard to remember Christmas was created out of love. We are not worthy of the love that was so freely given to us. Yet, this is one time of the year we can recognize that that love exists. We need to want that love, not at just this time of year, but all year long.

Let your heart overflow with joy this Christmas season. Take a minute and look at everything around you. Let the negative fall away and allow the Christmas spirit to be breathed deep into your body. Be thankful for a Creator that gave up his greatest love to show his love to us. Look to his son as the example as to what we are to be and rejoice, not just in this day the Lord has made, but in this season. Merry Christmas everyone.