My daughter will be moving into an apartment in August in the town where she is going to attend college. One of her roommates will be one of her high school friends. For the most part, they are both pretty good girls with a good amount of common sense. Both girls are working and saving money for their future apartment. And when those girls want something for themselves, they go full force until it happens because they are a little stubborn.

Recently, my daughter sent me photos via text of a dog in a shelter she and her friend were at. Now, we already have two dogs and a cat. So, my first response was no more animals. The next few texts to come were pleas for the dog and how we needed to save his life because the shelter was going to kill him. I don’t want to cause an animal to die, but we have enough animals and I could not add one more, especially since we currently rent our home. Did I mention I was at work when she sent me those texts?

So, the day goes on. I go home and eventually she does too. She informed me that she and her friend were going to get the dog and he was going to live with them in their new apartment in August. I did my best to advise her against that. I tell her that they need to experience apartment life and college life some before adding an animal that takes a lot of responsibility. They did it anyway.

For a few weeks, I was really impressed with the girls. They seemed to understand that he couldn’t stay in our home. They updated his shots, bought him toys, and tried to take to him to the river. As they do all this and the dog is getting used to being around them, they discover that this poor dog has anxiety toward everything and is a bigger handful than they ever imagined.

Now as I type, the dog is with my daughter in her room in my house. We can’t allow him to roam the house due to our other dogs. I feel very sorry for this poor dog, as does my daughter. She and her friend have decided to try to find it a better home. I hope they do. He doesn’t deserve to go back to the shelter just because they didn’t think about the full responsibility he would be. I don’t want something bad to happen to him. If I owned my own home and had a nice, big yard, I would consider letting him stay, but I don’t and I can’t.

So far, my daughter is handling it pretty well. I’m proud of the responsibility she has taken. My heart breaks for her though and the decision she had to make. My heart also breaks for the dog. I pray they find him a good and loving home.