Recently, I heard someone say the Civil War may not be taught in schools anymore. My question is, why would we take it out of the history books?

It seems that the norm of today’s world is to eliminate things that offend a group of people. A young man that has an unnatural love for the Confederate flag fires among a church crowd. So, naturally all the Confederate flags were removed from the state capital.

A marathon is ran every year, but this year a person took offense to the name of the marathon. Due to the word and actions of the individual and others, the marathon was canceled.

Now, before I go any further, I want to explain something. I’m not siding with anyone in the above stories. I’m simply stating general facts. However, as a lover of history, I’m disappointed.

People today are quick to be offended. Our society no longer has a backbone. Instead of teaching to embrace history, it’s taught to yell and whine until a little more history gets erased.

It seems to have been forgotten that the past is part of what has moved us into the future. Without a past, a history, how do we know what to change? Our country as we know it is still under five hundred years old. Our forefathers came over here with specific intentions and ideas. In their arrogance of behavior, many mistakes were made and battles were fought. Maybe you don’t view them as arrogant. That’s fine, but how would we know anything about them if not for the history of what they did being passed down through the ages.

The battles on this land happened. They existed. Men, women, and children died. It’s a fact. To erase it is to erase the people who were part of it. Then, not only is our national history disappearing, but our familial ones as well. I for one, will not tolerate that. I have an interesting family history full of good and bad things. I choose to embrace it because it is part of who I am. People, as a nation, we need to do the same.

Yes, people are going to take a symbol and use it to represent something bad. Yes, people take things too far. But, is the solution to erase the symbol? If it is, then let’s get rid of every one of them. After all, even the ones that make us smile can be used for bad, evil things. Do you see how foolish it is to remove items of history due to one idiot’s behavior?

Let me put it another way, if we are to start erasing our history, then we have to remove things that represent those who made good things happen in our history…are we ready to tell people all the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street signs have to be taken down? Personally, I don’t think so. Like it or not, the Civil War was a part of our history as a nation. Good or bad, decisions from that war created part of who we are today, as is true with all the other wars that have gone on in our nation’s history. I guess the real question is, do we want to have to explain to future generations why there are gaps in our history books?