Last Thursday, my parents celebrated being married for fifty years. The last fifty years of marriage I remember celebrating was that of my grandparents. I was young then, a few months married and expecting my first child. I can’t tell you what I thought about at that time. It’s been twenty years since that celebration.

I can, however, tell you what my thoughts are now, twenty years later experiencing the idea of my parents being married for fifty years. I have never thought of time in terms of numbers. It’s hard for me to grasp that my parents have been together for fifty years. It’s hard for me to believe that I, myself, will be married for twenty-one years this August.

I love my parents very much. I’d do anything to make sure they’re always happy. (They don’t need my help with that really. They’re pretty happy on their own.) To realize that they have been married for fifty years is to realize that they are growing older. I’m growing older, but I’ve never allowed age and years to bother me.

But, it’s baffling to know that fifty years of my parent’s marriage has gone by. To accept that, is to accept that my marriage is also going by and my children are growing up and leaving home. I can still remember things as though they happened yesterday. I can still remember my children small and needing me. Now, I have to let go and pray they remember to occasionally need me.

I think, I pray, they’ll be okay. Mom and Dad let all of us go. We’re all doing pretty good, I think. So, why do I let the knowledge that so much time has gone by bother me?

I’m not even sure what the answer is to that. Maybe, I have too much going on at once right now. Maybe, inwardly, I’m not ready to let my parents grow older and my children leave home. Maybe, I need things to stay as they are. Here together. My parents and children not far from me.

I let time spin itself into years. I allowed it to age my parents, myself, and my children. I’m thankful for the parents I have. I’m thankful for the love they share and the love they have for me. I’m thankful for who I am because my parents are part of the process that formed me. I’m thankful we raised two wonderful, kind, and good children who will never understand how much I love them.

Fifty years. Fifty. Years. Time has certainly gone by. I’m grateful for the example of my parents. Especially, in today’s world where it’s so easy to walk away no matter how many years are put into the marriage. I know their marriage isn’t a fairy tale. Those don’t really exist. While, they may have not known each other very long before they married. I think it can be said that they definitely got who they were supposed to be with right.