This past weekend, I spent some time at a lodge that sits beside a lake. The Elk Meadow Game Ranch is right off of interstate 30 in Northeast Texas. My purpose for being there was not to mediate or drink in the magic of the water. I was there to learn how to market my craft as an Indie Writer. It was a weekend full of information, yet I could feel the calm that sat just yards behind me.

I think water has always had this effect on me. My grandparents lived on a lake while I was growing up. While I loved to fish and sometimes swim in that lake, the thing I liked most as I grew older was the peace that hugged the water. It was easy to just go sit on the pier and watch the waves as the wind danced with the water. It was fun, to me, to watch the birds and see a turtle pop up from time to time. Snakes did too, but that’s just creepy! I didn’t have to fish while sitting on the pier. I didn’t need to talk to anyone. I just enjoyed the music of nature. It’s amazing what you can hear when you sit silenty in nature. The water would stroke the land’s edge as if brushing the blades of grass that stood there.  There are certain smells, as well, that calm me because they are associated with those memories.  Writing is my therapy, water is my medication. It was while I was at the beach three years ago that Duney began to form and grow in my mind. Anytime I visit a lake or the ocean, I go home feeling refreshed and peaceful.

What’s funny, though, is that I currently live in a river town. Two rivers, in fact! I don’t go to the river. I don’t find peace at the river like I do a lake or the ocean. Maybe, it’s because this is a tourist trap location and the river is too full of people to enjoy the peace it may have to offer. I don’t know. But, back to this past weekend.

I didn’t get to spend time by the lake like I would have normally done. Yet, I could still feel it’s hands reaching out to me and keeping me calm in a nervous environment. There’s something magical about a lake. It seems to have a barrier of tranquility that surrounds it. You forget you’re right next to an interstate. The water seems to sense your needs and is willing to meet them. I don’t know why water has such a powerful effect on me. Maybe it’s because I was lucky to grow up with Summers spent at a lake. I don’t know, but I encourage you to see what it can do for you the next time you go to a lake or the beach!