Beneath it all cover front

Beneath It All


Atop a hill looking down,

Surrounded by a quilt of flowers all around,

The creek giggles on the rocks below.

Do you feel safe as a sweet wind blows?

Are you wrapped up in the flowers’ warmth?

Secured by the never-ending glass in the creek,

Breathing in deeply perfumed air.

Or are you afraid of the ground beneath the flowers?

That beneath their beauty may lay a snake waiting to strike.

If you take that drink, will you drown in the bottomless supply?

Is the air really that sweet, or is it suffocating you inside?

Do you run from your fears or secure yourself in the apparent peace?

Do you wrap yourself up

And pretend there is nothing there at all?

Nothing to scare you,

Nothing to deceive you,

Nothing but grayness you couldn’t see before.

Was it worth it?

Or do you find yourself wanting that sweet-smelling quilt that kept you warm?

That cool glass of water that quenched your every thirst?

April is National Poetry Month. I love poetry! When I was in high school, I explored writing poetry and lyrics. I had a brief, crazy idea that I could be a songwriter! I love writing poetry. Sometimes, the words flow easy because it’s a piece of my heart. Other times, I’m challenging myself with the poetry I’m writing. I like to play with the words and the arrangement of them. I like to challenge myself to see if I can create a rhythm within. I like to see if I can draw an actual picture using words.

“Beneath It All” was a challenge for me. I hadn’t really written much when I wrote this. Being a wife and mom had kind of put my writing aside for a bit.

When I wrote “Beneath It All”, I had a picture of a hillside in my mind with a creek below. I pictured flowers covering the hillside professing beauty. We’ve all seen those pictures, but I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted to draw the reader in and challenge them to look beyond the obvious, what they could see. I wanted the reader to think more deeply than that, and then I wanted the reader to question if going beyond the presented beauty was worth it. It was a form of imagery. I had in my mind the phrase, “not everything is black and white” and I played with what that could mean.

See, how awesome poetry is! You can use words arranged in a certain way to challenge the reader’s thinking. I’ve said before that only the author knows the true meaning behind the poems they write. This is what “Beneath It All” was for me, a challenge. I wanted to show myself I could write and I wanted to challenge the reader’s thinking, while painting a picture with words.

I hope you like it!