cat friends

As of today, right now, it’s been exactly one week since my best friend came to see me. Though we’ve talked for a few years now through the help of technology, this was the first time we had actually seen each other in twenty years.

            Wow, did she look amazing! Not really any different at all and still so very beautiful.

Our lives have traveled different paths but our friendship is the one constant thing that has never changed. There were a few years of a lost connection, but when we found each other again, we just picked up from where we left off.

She would disagree with what I’m about to say, but she is one of the strongest women I know. I looked up to her in high school because of the strength she possessed. She knew who she was and she fought for what she wanted and loved.

She doesn’t see this strength I speak of because life has had her keep it at bay. But, I know it’s there. I see glimpses of it now and then. I still look up to her for the strength she has and I hope to one day obtain it myself.

She’s a great supporter no matter how stupid I think my idea may sound. With her, I’m fully able to be me. I’m so grateful for that. I need that. I think we all do.

I told her earlier that I needed a blog topic for this week. She said to write about her and some things she’s going through. I like the idea of writing about her, but I’d rather focus on her and not her situation. It’s not a pleasant one and it’s been a hard road for her, but she’s traveling it. She’s making her way as best as she knows how to right now. Do you see the strength in that? I do. I tell her she can do it not to just boast her spirits, but because I fully believe in her.

Unfortunately, due to bad weather and my daughter’s broken down car, we weren’t able to do much for fun and entertainment. It didn’t seem to matter. Like old times, we were hanging out with our bestie. I can only speak for myself when I say I loved every minute of our hanging out.

I know she’ll be reading this soon and hopefully, I didn’t embarrass her. She is the greatest friend God could have ever blessed me with. There were times during our disconnect that I feared something happened to her. I was so happy, excited, and relieved when I found her! I love her very much. I know she can do what she sets out to. I know there is something and someone truly amazing out there for her. I’m so glad I get to walk the journey with her.