Margaret Atwood quote

As I sit here and decide what to write on this blog, I begin to think about my writing projects. My novel is going through the editing stage right now. My fifth children’s book was released last week. I’m working on my sixth children’s book and I’ve been writing my second novel for over a year.

            So, you see that I have at least two major writing projects going at a time. I seem to focus best when I can jump from one to the other so as to not get stuck. While working on those two projects, I tend to start other, smaller writing projects. I say smaller projects because it’s typically just the jotting down of potential titles, starting new story ideas, adding to story ideas already in the folder, and, of course, writing poetry.

            While I am learning to enjoy blogging and all the social media stuff, I’m at home most when I’m just writing. I love taking words and playing with the order they should be in on paper. I love taking a simple idea and creating it on paper. I love letting a character have control of their scene and watching what happens as I write it out.

            When I am writing, I am in my element. It’s what drives me. Like a drug, it takes me on a miraculous high and instead of crashing, I get to ride it fully through. I get to decide when it ends and, for me, that’s usually when the idea is fully and completely written out. I cannot stop until that happens or I lose sense of what I have written.

            This is why I write. I write because I love it. I write because it brings me joy. I write because it centers me and reminds me who I am. When I write, I don’t lose myself. I find myself. I find who it is I want to be and I live in that world for as long as I can before I have to get back to reality.