miles to go before I sleep

It’s early Sunday morning. I’m up before my alarm, my mind awaking before my body is ready. A Robert Frost quote “Miles to go before I sleep” is echoing through my brain as I try to focus on the tasks of the morning.

While it will be a couple of weeks before I travel again, I feel I can relate to that quote right now. There are many things wondering through my mind. So much so, that my mind seems to travel as I stand still.

This isn’t anything new. I’m constantly thinking about the things that are before me. Sometimes, though, it is a struggle to single one item out and focus on it. It’s been so bad lately, that my mind has tried to convince me that it is two weeks from now instead of the third of July.

So, how do I quiet the mind? How did the man in Robert Frost’s poem push through the snow and move forward?

I think, for me personally, it’s a matter of being determined. My life is busy. I like it that way, but every now and then, my mind becomes overwhelmed with what is before me and I cannot fully function on one item.

I have some very specific goals for myself and I intend to meet them. I love the journey I have been on since I published my first book, but sometimes the tasks are daunting. For example, my first novel is coming out this Fall. Though I am six books into my writing career, this will be the first book I pull out all the stops for.

I have put a lot pressure on myself to make this book my most successful so far. I have goals for it that include taking it out of Texas, finally crossing the state border and going nationwide. How awesome that would be! While I have these desires for my novel, I’m scared at the same time.

I’m scared that it will not succeed as I want it to and that would be heartbreaking because it is the project that is closest to my heart. There are many steps to take between today and the novel’s release date. I can’t really do a whole lot out of order, but there are mini steps I can take in order to move forward.

While my mind tries to center it’s thinking on that, there are other writing projects and goals I’m working on simultaneously. I want you to understand that I love all of this. It is what drives me. It is the reason I breathe, but occasionally I get bogged down and I cannot breathe because… there are… “miles to go before I sleep.”