two authors

I have been on this journey as an author for two years. As I have traveled along this road, I have met some amazing people. I have learned many things from authors willing to share the knowledge they have obtained, but it wasn’t until last November that I met an author that would turn out to be a great friend.

            We met at the German Christmas Market that is held every year here in town. It runs for one weekend in November. It’s primarily a craft show, but they showcase local authors as well. This past November was my second year to be there. I knew she had done the show before because I remembered how colorful her books were and the set-up she had.

            I did the show all three days that weekend. She only did it on Sunday. When she came in on Sunday, she claimed the table right next to me. I have to be honest here, she intimidated me. It obvious she had been doing this for a while. She had hard backs, soft covers, coloring books, and a novel. This girl knew what she was doing and she had a goal and I was inwardly freaking because, in case I forgot to mention it, she wrote for children as well!

            Long story short, my fears were for nothing. One, she wrote for the age group above what I write for. Two, she was very kind and very willing to share what she had learned along the way. We connected that day and I was glad for it.

            We connected through social media as well and kept in touch that way some. Then, on the last weekend in April, found ourselves to be attending the same conference. Our friendship grew instantaneously. We shared a cheap lunch, attended seminars and workshops together, and laughed all the way through. In between sessions, we got to learn a little more about each other and what our desires were for our writing.

            Since then, we have gotten together to just hang out. It’s been a lot of fun because, for both of us, part of having a good time is being able to have our “nerd” moments where all we do is talk books. We both need that. We both crave being able to talk to someone who understands how we were thinking and things about our writing. It’s also fun to just hang out! So, today we swung a golf club for a while and enjoyed a nice lunch. I think we both had a great time. I know I did! So, if you see us, don’t mind us….we’re just authors hanging out having some much needed girl/geek time! #twoauthors