girl time

            For the past week, I’ve been guilty of mentally checking out where my novel is concerned. I was able to have a wonderful face to face meeting with my publisher last Sunday about everything we need to move forward, not just on the novel, but on other projects as well. It was a very productive and positive meeting, but I left it with my head spinning.

            My head was full of all the things I need to do between now and certain dates. It’s all very exciting for the nerd in me, but I could feel the overwhelming sensation of stress start to creep in as I began to realize where some of our goals were leading me and my future as an author…and I asked for every bit of it! I want these goals and many others to be met. It’s the only way I’ll be able to move forward from where I’m at, but it will take ME to do the majority of the goal chasing and that’s where the stress and the lack of time like to attack me.

            I spent last weekend with my bestie. My publisher was kind enough to meet me there so we could create some plans. My bestie and I had plans of a different kind, we were after girl time!

            So, after my bestie was kind enough to sit through the meeting with me, we got in her car and headed off to what girls do best, we went shopping! As the day progressed, my mind slowly fought against the grip of stress and gave in to humor and remarks only two best friends would understand.

            Boy, did I need that time. I needed to relax and just enjoy what was going on around me. I needed to beat someone at Putt-Putt. I needed frozen yogurt at midnight. I just needed some girl time.

            My whole intention was to come home Monday and get back to getting things done. One of my major deadlines is August 31st. My publisher would like to have the final edit of Emma in hand by September, so I created August 31st as my deadline to get it to her.

            You would think that I came home and got back into my routine without any problem or hesitation. Nope. I came home and slept. It was a great weekend, but it was a long weekend as well. So, I decided Tuesday would be when I got back into it.

            Nope. That didn’t happen either. I just couldn’t get my head to wrap around what I needed to do. Then, I made the decision to do a full mental check out until today because, as of today, I have thirty-one days until my deadline. Surely, I can get it done right?!

            Yesterday was my last little outing for a while. I had a blast with two beautiful women. We had brunch, we drank a little, and we saw a great movie. It was something I think we all needed. It’s good to laugh and just be a woman.

For me, it was the farewell party to the mental check out I had had for the week. Today, I began the first day August being a good little author and started working on the detailed edits of my novel. It’s time to get busy, but there’s always time for girl time!