morning at the park

           Most mornings, I get up before the sun rises and head out the door for an hour long walk. Too many people have said to me “things start to go downhill when you turn forty.” While I’m sorry that may have happened to them, I choose to be stubborn and do what I can to not let it happen to me. So, I’ve been walking for a few months now. I feel better than I did before turning forty. I feel healthier and I’m starting to look pretty good. (Yeah, I’m a little cocky about it, but it’s been a while since I have felt this way!) The results I’m seeing are not just in my physical appearance. Walking has also started helping my inner self.

            If you’ve walked in the morning as early as I do, have you ever noticed how the crisp part of the morning seems to refresh your soul? With each breath, I feel more awake, not just physically but also spiritually.

            Walking is one of the few moments in my life when I can guarantee that no matter how I started my walk, I end it feeling better. It’s because I use that time to go over many things in my head and sort out the jumbled mess with my Creator. I have a quiet, internal conversation with Him spewing things out in random order. If you were to hear my words as I spoke to Him, it wouldn’t make any sense, but thankfully He knows where I’m going and helps take away the unnecessary clutter of my mind.

            I have the privilege of taking part of my walk through a new city park. As I work my way into the park and up the hill I use to hate, I get to experience other designs done my Creator. I get to see deer and rabbits. I get to see the sun rise. I walk by all sorts of plants I cannot name. I even to get spend a little time lingering by the lake watching turtle heads bob in and out of the water. These simple things make me smile because they are part of His plan in some form or another. Even the three ducks that waddle out of the water at the same time every morning to eat are part of what He’s doing.

            I enjoy seeing out that because those are simple, basic things and I really am a simple girl. I just want to be happy in this life He created me for. I want to succeed in a way He can be proud of. If I’m honest, then I have to admit I have a great fear of my first novel flopping and that would be heartbreaking. I have done my best to give it to my Creator and trust Him with my journey, but the book’s as well. I have a tendency to take it back from Him though. So, most mornings I apologize for knocking it out of His hands and putting it back into mine and I give it to Him again knowing that He really can do a better job with it than I can. And I go home feeling better than when I started.