I have to admit right off that my mind is clouded much like the sky outside my window. There is much I would like to share with you today, but my thoughts choose not to obey. Everything is coming forth in random order. Sitting here now, I fight the temptation to work on a different writing project.

            But, I made a commitment to this blog. So, blog I must. I have several topics running through my mind, but none of them seem to want the spot light today.

            I thought about sharing some random, rough poetry. I have an amazing one I wrote recently about eyes. I thought about sharing a bit of my upcoming novel with you, but it’s still a tad too early for that. I thought about sharing other works and asking for your thoughts and decided not to.

            I thought about expressing my fears about what is before me, but I’ve bored you enough with that. This journey is quite exciting, of course there is a fear it will crash and burn! That is only natural!! Thank goodness for the wonderful friend I spoke with today. She reminded me I’m only moving forward onto the next level. If only I had a fraction of the faith she has in me and my ability.

            Anyway, it’s raining here today. I love the rain. I love the amplified sound of raindrops landing on the ground. I love the smell of the fresh clean air it leaves behind. Maybe that’s what I need…just stand in the rain for a while and get refreshed…

            So, I apologize for the randomness of today’s blog. My head is overloaded and my plate threatens to topple over from the weight. But, it’s all only for the good of what is to come. An amazing future full of amazing people and experience lies before me. In some ways, that future is already becoming a part of my present. I’ve met some great people so far and I cannot wait to see what else is before me!