Author: K Wendt

My Bestie

As of today, right now, it’s been exactly one week since my best friend came to see me. Though we’ve talked for a few years now through the help of technology, this was the first time we had actually seen each other in twenty years.

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National Poetry Month

Beneath It All

Atop a hill looking down,

Surrounded by a quilt of flowers all around,

The creek giggles on the rocks below.

Do you feel safe as a sweet wind blows?

Are you wrapped up in the flowers’ warmth?

Secured by the never-ending glass in the creek,

Breathing in deeply perfumed air.

Or are you afraid of the ground beneath the flowers?

That beneath their beauty may lay a snake waiting to strike.

If you take that drink, will you drown in the bottomless supply?

Is the air really that sweet, or is it suffocating you inside?

Do you run from your fears or secure yourself in the apparent peace?

Do you wrap yourself up

And pretend there is nothing there at all?

Nothing to scare you,

Nothing to deceive you,

Nothing but grayness you couldn’t see before.

Was it worth it?

Or do you find yourself wanting that sweet-smelling quilt that kept you warm?

That cool glass of water that quenched your every thirst?

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My “Small Business”

Hobby-an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.

Business-an occupation, profession, or trade.

I have reached the point where I do not like the word “hobby” anymore. While I heard it more in the beginning of my writing journey, the implication of people seeing it that way is still there.

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Walking in Fog

My head has been in a fog for a little over a week now. In my first blog of this year, I wrote that I would be experiencing a lot of changes in my life come summer. I have been mentally preparing for some of the changes for a while now. I was even looking forward to the possibility of something I thought I would get to do.

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Hack Anyone?

A game of hack anyone!? I didn’t grow up playing hacky sack and it was more than ten years into my marriage before I joined the hack circle. Sometimes, I wish I had joined the group sooner. It ended up being one of the best combination of memories I would have.

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