Randomness and Rain

I have to admit right off that my mind is clouded much like the sky outside my window. There is much I would like to share with you today, but my thoughts choose not to obey. Everything is coming forth in random order. Sitting here now, I fight the temptation to work on a different writing project.

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Walking at Dawn

Most mornings, I get up before the sun rises and head out the door for an hour long walk. Too many people have said to me “things start to go downhill when you turn forty.” While I’m sorry that may have happened to them, I choose to be stubborn and do what I can to not let it happen to me. So, I’ve been walking for a few months now. I feel better than I did before turning forty. I feel healthier and I’m starting to look pretty good. (Yeah, I’m a little cocky about it, but it’s been a while since I have felt this way!) The results I’m seeing are not just in my physical appearance. Walking has also started helping my inner self.

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Girl Time

For the past week, I’ve been guilty of mentally checking out where my novel is concerned. I was able to have a wonderful face to face meeting with my publisher last Sunday about everything we need to move forward, not just on the novel, but on other projects as well. It was a very productive and positive meeting, but I left it with my head spinning.

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Two Authors

I have been on this journey as an author for two years. As I have traveled along this road, I have met some amazing people. I have learned many things from authors willing to share the knowledge they have obtained, but it wasn’t until last November that I met an author that would turn out to be a great friend.

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Miles to Go Before I Sleep

It’s early Sunday morning. I’m up before my alarm, my mind awaking before my body is ready. A Robert Frost quote “Miles to go before I sleep” is echoing through my brain as I try to focus on the tasks of the morning.

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Why I Write

As I sit here and decide what to write on this blog, I begin to think about my writing projects. My novel is going through the editing stage right now. My fifth children’s book was released last week. I’m working on my sixth children’s book and I’ve been writing my second novel for over a year.

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The Boy Soldier

This being Memorial Day weekend, I felt the need to acknowledge it somehow. The photo attached to this blog is that of my grandfather. I’ve written about him before. He was an amazing man. I’ve referred to him before as a legend. That’s because I believe he was. He enlisted when he was sixteen to help the war effort during WWII. When he came home, he received his education and began a lifelong career within the Texas school system. Pappaw was also a great story teller in his own right! He loved to tell all his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids stories of when he was growing up. I’m sure some of the tales were enhanced upon, but that didn’t matter because he had every one of suckered into his stories when we were young.

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This past Sunday was a great day for me. After almost sixteen full years of chasing a dream, I finally crossed a very important finish line. I completed the first draft of my first novel.

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Two Steps Forward

For some time now, I have been walking around with a pair of horrible companions. The events in my life were supposed to go a certain way until one day when I received a phone call stating that things had changed.

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My Bestie

As of today, right now, it’s been exactly one week since my best friend came to see me. Though we’ve talked for a few years now through the help of technology, this was the first time we had actually seen each other in twenty years.

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National Poetry Month

Beneath It All

Atop a hill looking down,

Surrounded by a quilt of flowers all around,

The creek giggles on the rocks below.

Do you feel safe as a sweet wind blows?

Are you wrapped up in the flowers’ warmth?

Secured by the never-ending glass in the creek,

Breathing in deeply perfumed air.

Or are you afraid of the ground beneath the flowers?

That beneath their beauty may lay a snake waiting to strike.

If you take that drink, will you drown in the bottomless supply?

Is the air really that sweet, or is it suffocating you inside?

Do you run from your fears or secure yourself in the apparent peace?

Do you wrap yourself up

And pretend there is nothing there at all?

Nothing to scare you,

Nothing to deceive you,

Nothing but grayness you couldn’t see before.

Was it worth it?

Or do you find yourself wanting that sweet-smelling quilt that kept you warm?

That cool glass of water that quenched your every thirst?

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